Rugby League

Faster, tougher and more demanding, yes we at StubHub also offer Rugby League tickets! While Rugby Union may be the international choice for rugby, Rugby League has long since been the more popular sport nationally     ! With competitions such as the European Super League and Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL) featuring some of the world’s finest rugby clubs, Rugby League continues to attract new fans to its fast-paced appeal. Add to this the world famous State of Origin series, and there’s no doubt that Rugby League as a sport is worth delving into. So don’t miss out and make sure you buy your Rugby League tickets.

For those sports history buffs, Rugby League came about after the RFU decided to enforce the amateur principle to rugby as sport. As an amateur sport, rugby no longer allowed players to receive “broken time payments” (compensation for players who had taken time off work to play). Needless to say, with half the teams unable to afford the amateur sport, Rugby League was born in contrast to Rugby Union. As for the rules, Rugby League overall has less contentions for possession, 13 active players compared to 15 and a try is worth 4 points instead of 5.

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