Upcoming NBA Regular 2019/2020

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NBA 2019-2020 Key Dates

As a basketball fan, don't miss any NBA key dates below!

NBA Regular Season 2019-2020

Started from 22 Oct 2019

NBA All-Star 2020 (Chicago, IL)

24-16 Feb 2020

NBA Playoffs 2020

Start from 18 Apr 2020

NBA Finals 2020

Start from 4 Jun 2020

NBA - The World's Best Basketball League

As the fastest team sport, only NBA tickets will provide you with that much-needed thrill. The NBA is exploding in popularity outside of the US and tickets are becoming increasingly hard to get hold of. This popularity may be due, in part, to the excitement that the sport provides. The players are all extraordinary athletes who can do some exceptional things on the court like the always impressive slam dunk! With some players like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant becoming household names, the NBA is undoubtedly one of the world's most exciting sports leagues. 

NBA Teams

There are 30 teams in the NBA, 29 from the USA and 1 from Canada. The names that immediately spring to mind when you think of the NBA are the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls. But, did you know that the most successful NBA team of all team is actually the Boston Celtics? That's right, the Celtics have more NBA titles than any other franchise (17) and also 21 Conference titles. Close behind are the LA Lakers with 16 NBA titles and an astonishing 31 conference titles. 

The teams are divided into the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, each containing three divisions with five teams in each. The Eastern Conference is comprised of the Atlantic Division, the Central Division and the Southeast Division, while the Western Conference includes the Northwest Division, the Pacific Division and the Southwest Division. Only the top eight teams with the best records in each conference secure a spot in the NBA playoffs, where they then compete within their corresponding conference for the Conference Title. The two best teams from each Conference compete in the NBA Final to be named NBA Champions of the season. Will your team make it to the playoffs this season? See for yourself and buy your NBA tickets today! 

NBA History

The NBA was founded in the late 1940s in New York City and has since grown to contain thirty franchise teams. It wasn't until the ABA and NBA merged in the 1970s that the sport began to skyrocket. Franchises like the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, La Lakers and Detroit Pistons have all put together dynasties that made them iconic in basketball history (who can forget Michael Jordan's Bulls team of the 1990s?). Now new franchises are emerging and dominating like the San Antonio Spurs or Cleveland Warriors. The NBA has spread throughout the world with many players now coming from overseas. As well as this, basketball leagues in other countries are proving increasingly popular, notably in Spain, Turkey and the Philippines.  

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