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For those unfamiliar with Formula one, the competition involves the racing Formula One cars, specialised cars allowing very high cornering speeds with top speeds of the cars reaching 220mph (350 km/h). However the cars do have their limits, with engines limited to eighteen thousand RPM. The F1, officially known as the FIA Formula One World Championship, is comprised of a number of Grand Prix events, currently standing at twenty, every year. The results of each race are evaluated using a points system to decide world championships, one for the drivers and one for the manufacturers. Although more commonly held on purpose-built circuits, F1 has been known to occur on public roads, Monte Carlo being a prime example. The sport is not without its dangers, having accumulated a number of fatalities throughout the decades. Nowadays a red-flag is flown more often than an actual fatality, however the red flag is still significant enough to prove news worthy and there’s nothing better than actually saying “I know I was there!”

So if you’re an F1 fan, it is vital that you secure Formula 1 tickets while they’re still available!

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